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& exequatur

Enforcing a foreign decision

in France

The transcription or the exequatur

You want to recover an alimony granted by a foreign decision or you want to remarry after a foreign divorce? Obtain a French passport for your adopted or surrogate child?


Typical of latin law systems, the birth certificate reflects all the events in the life of a French citizen: his birth, his adoption, his change of name or surname, his divorce (s) and his death.


Transcription is the fact of placing a mention of a judgment or an event on civil records.


When it is a Foreign judgment, the transcription is preceded by a "vérification d’opposabilité". In other words, the Prosecutor will check that certain conditions are met before mentioning the decision. A motivated letter from your specialist lawyer often saves months.


When the foreign judgment must be actively executed on French territory (seizure of an account of a debtor, transfer of property, etc.), it is often necessary to initiate a so-called exequatur procedure.


Before filing anything, consult your lawyer specializing in International Family law.

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