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Medically Assisted Procreation
and Surrogacy

Adopting a child abroad is something you are considering?

Hiring a surrogate?

Why calling a lawyer Specialized in International Family Law?


The adoption process is long and exhausting. Adoption involves heavy formalities and sometimes some travels abroad, which can be overwhelming.


We can be seduced by certain faster adoption routes and find ourselves stranded at the border.


You may also encounter difficulties when transcribing the adoption judgment in French civil record.


With experience in international adoption, your lawyer located in Paris will help and advise you throughout your journey.


Whether it is for an adoption abroad or for an adoption in France, the NHT law firm will be at your service.


As for Assisted Reproduction or Surrogacy, the process has literally exploded in recent years. Often much faster than adoption but also more expensive, these technics should not be taken lightly.


You should seek advice from a specialist lawyer before starting the process in order to optimize your chances of obtaining a transcription of your child's birth certificate on French civil records and a passport.


French case law has particularly evolved in the area of ​​surrogacy in recent times. Your lawyer can explain the current state of the law and case law and can guide you throughout the process.

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