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Committed to your side

International Family Law

The firm is really concerned with the following engagements :

  • Develop with you the best strategy for your case

  • Write the first draft of the documents within a week at the receipt of the documents / review it together

  • Reply within 48 hours maximum, off week-end and holidays (because we also need to recharge the batteries)

  • Keep a time sheet at your disposal with description, date, duration and author of the diligence: transparency in the daily management of the file and in the billing

Our hourly rate is 370 euros without VAT for the partner who works on your whole case. This hourly rate may be adjusted considering the complexity of the file.


Our fees are set pursuant to rules laid down by Article 11 of the Paris Rules of professional conduct.Depending on the case, a set fee, sometimes mixed with a contingent fee, can also be agreed.


For your information only, the set fee that is usually proposed by the firm is  2500 euros without VAT.


The fees do not include costs such as court filing fees and expenses, bailiffs' fees, translators' fees, experts' fees or local correspondents' fees. Fees are subject to VAT (20%) when the tax residence of the client is located in the European Union.

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