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Founder of the firm

With a MASTER'S DEGREE in INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN LAW and ANOTHER IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN COMPANY LAW, Attorney Noémie HOUCHET-TRAN studied in the University of Rouen and in the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is a member of the Paris bar. The certificate of specialty for Family law has been delivered to her by the National Counsel of Bars with the specific mention International Family Law.

& values

With migrations, Family raises more and more international issues that must be handled by a lawyer specialized in International Family Law:



Child custody and support,

Child abduction,

Adoption, Surrogacy,

Paternity action,


Prenuptial agreements

And many others that need specific knowledge and experience to be solved.


Prompt replies

For the firm NHT, efficiency goes with promptness.


Empathy & Strategy

Practicing Family Law means that we have to translate a human and intimate need into legal language.


Passion for International Family Law

NHT is a “niche firm”. It is obvious that we are way more efficient when we love what we do. The firm is therefore always learning and is regularly publishing.

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