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Civil partnerships and"PACS" (French partnerships)

It seems that Love

makes you blind?

Have your contract reviewed by a lawyer!

The PACS is a more flexible alternative to marriage for all couples. It is a contract between two people living together which gives them respective rights and duties. Some tailor-made clauses can be inserted. The PACS can be very easily broken and often avoids a long and expensive procedure.


But Be careful !


At the end of the PACS, the partners must divide their assets and debts resulting from the PACS. If no agreement has been reached, the family court judge rules on the financial consequences of the break-up.


As for civil partnerships registered abroad, they are very often recognized in France, except if the contract is against our public policy. Some are very similar to our PACS, others are very similar to marriage and will engage you far beyond our PACS.


There are, however, some restrictions. A partnership registered abroad must not contravene the essential principles of French law and will, for example, have a limited scope in matters of inheritance or adoption.


Before, during or at the end of the civil partnership, consult a lawyer specializing in international family law.

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